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A state unit organization
of the American Academy
of Pediatric Dentistry

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry


Links of Interest to CSPD Members

Southern California Society of Dentistry for Children

Guidelines for Oral Health During Pregnancy - Oral Health During Pregnancy and Early Childhood: Evidence-Based Guidelines for Health Professionals is available for download from the CDA Foundation's website.

MedlinePlus is a consumer-oriented site established by the National Library of Medicine, the world’s largest biomedical library.

Medem is a project of the leading U.S. medical societies.

MayoClinic provides health education to patients and the general public.

Kidshealth provides doctor-approved health information about children form before birth through adolescence.

HIV InSite is a project of the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) AIDS Research Institute.

Healthfinder is a gateway consumer health information Web site sponsored by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. is operated by the American Academy of Family Physicians and provides consumer health information written and reviewed by physicians.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a Department of Health and Human Services agency dedicated to promoting health and quality of life.

The official Web site for the National Cancer institute

Medical Library Association (MLA)
The Medical Library Association (MLA) is a non profit educational organization that promotes the importance of quality information for improved health.

Books on Dentistry
Elsevier is the leading name in health science information, publishing under the Mosby and Saunders name. Theyoffer the largest, most trusted selection of dentistry books and references in the world, in a variety of print and electronic formats.

Milk Matters - Ages 11-15 are a time when fast-growing bones need calcium. Unfortunately, most boys and girls are not getting the calcium they need.

The National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC), a public resource for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.

HIPAA national provider ID number required for health care providers and available online

Your Guide to Quackery, Health Fraud, and Intelligent Decisions including Dental Issues - Operated by Stephen Barrett, M.D.

Travelers: Another site to check...
It is always important to take a look at the precautions posted on the State Department Web site.

Travelers: Site to see before you go...
The single best source of information and advice is the travel section of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Internet Database that Tracks Fluoride in the National Food Supply
Four hundred separate food and beverage items are listed on this website with their individual levels of fluoride. Find out what tea, wine and raisins have in common.

Guide to Children's Dental Care in Medicaid Update
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a new guide with the help of the AAPD to be a resource of current information on clinical practice, evolving technologies and recommendations in dental care.

CDC Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health Care Settings in Adobe PDF Format.

Industrial wastewater issues
Industrial wastewater issues fall under the jurisdiction of the Ca Regional Water Quality Boards, administered by the local publicly owned treatment works, which are generally the sanitary treatment facilities in local areas.

Medical waste manangement

Cal/OSHA requirements.

Hazardous waste management.
The California Department of Toxic Substances Control has many publications and fact sheets about hazardous waste management.

HHS Information on HIPAA - pdf file

HIPAA Information from CDA

Amalgam Issues

MCH Netlink Plus

NGA Center for Best Practices,1188,D_683,00.html

Geographic Distribution of Dentists in California.

The Center for the Health Professionals

Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry

Billing Dental and Medical Encounters on the Same Date of Service

Risk Assessment and Management Stategies for Caries

Consensus Statement Overview, Diagnosis and Management of Caries

Oral Health Resources

Pediatric Restorative Dentistry Computer Software Program

Pediatric Dentistry Clinical Photos

Computer Aided Instruction for Pediatric Dentistry

What is an FQHC?
Provides a core set of medical services. basic lab. x-ray. mental health. pharmacy. preventive dental

Billing dental and medical encounters on the same date of service

Family Budget Calculator"

Anesthesia Procedure Codes for Dental and FQHC Providers.

Sites which advocate optimal oral health and general welfare of infants, children, adolescents, and persons with special needs.

American Childhood Cancer Organization

NOAH: New York Online Access to Health is a unique collection of state, local and federal health resources for consumers.

National Institutes of Health's Information on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs)
This site lists many sources for information about ASD.

AAP's Oral Health Initiative
This AAP site is a great source of health information.

Children's Advocacy Institute (CAI) and Children's Advocates' Roundtable

Turning the Corner with Policymakers on Access to Oral Health Services - By Burton Edelstein, DDS MPH for Healthcare for the Underserved

This OC AAP site provides expertise and resources, and advocates for public policy to prevent childhood injuries.

Oral Health Access Council (OHAC)

Online Source of Consumer-Friendly Drug Information
A site developed by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists that is FREE and has an easy-to-use search function.

AAP's Website for Improving Health of Children
This site is made for sharing information about Bright Futures and health promotion and preventive service strategies.

Practical Oral Care for People With Developmental Disabilities developed by the National Institude of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR)

National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center
Find downloadable fact sheet on "Promoting Awareness, Preventing Pain: The Facts of Early Childhood Caries" and other resourse materials.

Child Abuse Form
Copies of this form can be used as a 'working draft' of the report form to assist the mandated reporter in collecting the information in an organized manner.

CDA's Community Health Page

CDA's campaign: "Sip all day – get decay"
“Sip all day – get decay” is the new public awareness campaign that targets over consumption of soda and other acidic sugary beverages that can have a serious negative effect on oral health.

SHIP - Dental Care for Kids

The Children’s Dental Health Project

An Initiative to Improve the Oral Health of California’s Underserved

Distribution of Medicaid Dental Services in California.

Increase Access to Preventive and Primary Care


California's Medicaid Website

Rural Community Assistance Corporation is dedicated to assisting rural communities achieve their goals and visions by providing them with training, technical assistance and access to resources.
Provides direct medical, surgical, nursing, and dental advice.

2001 Dental Access Report (PDF)
A Balanced View of Managed Medicaid Dental Benefits," Delta Dental Plan of California, 2000.
Increase Access to Preventive and Primary Care

A Directory of Dental Asssociations

Southern California Society of Dentistry for Children

The Paedodontic Society of South Africa, is a special group of SADA the (South African Dental Association)

The American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists (ASDA)

The Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (CAPD), 'live' since July 4th

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

California Association of Orthodontists

The Dentists Insurance Company

San Diego Dental Society

The Committee on Dental Auxiliaries (COMDA)

The American Society of Dentistry for Children

Orange County Dental Society

California Dental Hygienists Association

The California Dental Association

American Association of Dental Schools

The American College of Dentists

The International College of Dentists

The American Dental Association

Links to CSPD Member's websites!

Suzanne Berger
Agoura Hills, CA

MyLinh Ngo
Alameda, CA

Sharine Thenard
Alameda, CA

Huey-Ju Yeh
Alhambra, CA

David Okawachi
Anaheim, CA

Carol Yeung
Anaheim Hills, CA

Robert Peng
Antioch, CA

Robert Sheffield
Antioch, CA

Leslie Tanimura
Antioch, CA

Alison Jackson
Aptos, CA

Stephanie Morphis
Arcadia, CA

Kevin Snaer
Arcadia, CA

Eddie So
Arcadia, CA

David Cottrell
Atascadero, CA

David Seman
Auburn, CA

Chad Abby
Bakersfield, CA

Marshall Chey
Bakersfield, CA

Edward Dove
Bakersfield, CA

Daniel Launspach
Bakersfield, CA

Kurt Sturz
Bakersfield, CA

Megan Golinveaux
Berkeley, CA

Neil Katsura
Berkeley, CA

Carole Miyahara
Berkeley, CA

Mark Goldenberg
Beverly Hills, CA

Michael Kleinman
Beverly Hills, CA

Lynn Lempert
Beverly Hills, CA

Fariborz Rodef
Beverly Hills, CA

David Kang
Brea, CA

LaJuan Hall
Brentwood, CA

Hannah Song
Buena Park, CA

Elena Rumack
Calabasas, CA

Adolfo Barrera
Campbell, CA

Khanh Le
Canoga Park, CA

Cyrous Sheikh
Carlsbad, CA

Linh Tsai
Carlsbad, CA

Shervin Yazdi
Castro Valley, CA

Erik Roos
Chico, CA

Ann Tornabene
Chico, CA

Johnny Ma
Chino, CA

Linda Tran
Chino, CA

Melba Mayes
Chino Hills, CA

Rene Alingog
Chula Vista, CA

Nazli Keri
Chula Vista, CA

Jessica Manske
Chula Vista, CA

Todd Pacofsky
Chula Vista, CA

Ilse Savelli
Chula Vista, CA

Jeffrey Sue
Citrus Heights, CA

Cynthia Weideman
Citrus Heights, CA

Michael Weideman
Citrus Heights, CA

Walden Yu
Culver City, CA

Noyan Aynechi
Danville, CA

Azadeh Jafarnia
Danville, CA

Rinku Saini
Danville, CA

Donald Schmitt
Danville, CA

Scott Fishman
Downey, CA

Alex Wong
Dublin, CA

Jean Chan
El Cajon, CA

Nicholas Ching
El Cerrito, CA

Edward Matsuishi
El Cerrito, CA

Victoria Sullivan
El Dorado Hills, CA;

Janice Work
Elk Grove, CA

J. Patrick Davis
Encinitas, CA

Matt Davis
Encinitas, CA

Thomas Keller
Encinitas, CA

Kerisa Elloway
Eureka, CA

Randall Heckert
Eureka, CA

Robert Aubuchon
Fairfield, CA

Anita Ford
Fairfield, CA

Irma Garcia
Fairfield, CA

Monica Tavallaei
Folsom, CA

Maryam Pearose
Foothill Ranch, CA

Jonathon Lee
Foster City, CA

Noor Bilbeisi
Fremont, CA

Steven Chan
Fremont, CA

David Morris
Fremont, CA

Rick Jelmini
Fresno, CA

Leslie Butler
Fullerton, CA

Richard Lee
Fullerton, CA

Wayne Grossman
Gold River, CA

Annie Pham-Cheng
Goleta, CA

Janet Schrodi
Granada, CA

Lindsey Robinson
Grass Valley, CA

Gila Dorostkar
Greenbrae, CA

Audrey Sheu
Hacienda Heights, CA

Ha (Jacklynn) Thai
Hayward, CA

Chaowen Wang
Hayward, CA

Christina Lin
Hemet, CA

Dimitri Bizoumis
Huntington Beach, CA

Suelene Chen
Huntington Beach, CA

Beanca Chu
Huntington Beach, CA

John Guijon
Huntington Beach, CA

Anna Chandsawangbhuwana
Irvine, CA

Lani Chang
Irvine, CA

Wanda Claro
Irvine, CA

Clara Lee
Irvine, CA

Daniel Lee
Irvine, CA

Janice Park-Kim
Irvine, CA

Shaul Yehezkel
Irvine, CA

Santiago Surillo
La Mesa, CA

Kevin Hszieh
Ladera Ranch, CA

Sarah Mathias
Laguna Hills, CA

Patrick Creevan
Livermore, CA

Jeff Huston
Lodi, CA

Jared Nation
Loma Linda, CA

Christopher Wacker
Loma Linda, CA

Sonia Warren
Lomita, CA

Santos Cortez
Long Beach, CA

Ana Planells
Long Beach, CA

Estela Sanchez
Long Beach, CA

William Worden
Long Beach, CA

Susan Ishioka
Los Alamitos, CA

Dora Lee
Los Alamitos, CA

Helen H Kim Do
Los Angeles, CA

Reem Kabbarah
Los Angeles, CA

Raymond Klein
Los Angeles, CA

Leslie Latner
Los Angeles, CA

Stephanie Moniz
Los Gatos, CA

Simon Morris
Los Gatos, CA

Robyn Fung
Manhattan Beach, CA

Janelle Holden
Manhattan Beach, CA

Jennifer Ryan
Meadow Vista, CA

Scott Thompson
Meadow Vista, CA

EunHae (Grace) Kwon
Menlo Park, CA

Nicolas Bronzini
Milbrae, CA

John DeLorme
Mission Viejo, CA

John Fowle
Mission Viejo, CA

Sara Khoshbin
Mission Viejo, CA

Michael Shannon
Mission Viejo, CA

Samuel Wu
Mission Viejo, CA

Natalie Lenser
Modesto, CA

Matthew Miller
Monterey, CA

Joanna Cheung
Moraga, CA

Maria Fu
Mountain View, CA

Cheryl Lee
Mountain View, CA

Steve Aylard
Napa, CA

Angelina Ring
Napa, CA

David Suttie
Napa, CA

Stephanie Hardwick
New York, NY

Carla Abboud
Newbury Park, CA

Rita Daghlian
Newport Beach, CA

Geoffrey Hersch
Newport Beach, CA

Christian Lopez
Newport Beach, CA

John Gawlik
Nipomo, CA

Jennifer Hendershot
Nipomo, CA

Jonathan Gidan
North Hollywood, CA

Susan Jarakian
Northridge, CA

Rebecca Lee
Northridge, CA

Neidre Banakus
Novato, CA

J. Brian Putman
Novato, CA

Yazdan Alami
Oak Park, CA

Lisa Brennan
Oak Park, CA

Denise Allen
Oakland, CA

Barry Reder
Oceanside, CA

Eduardo Correa
Orange, CA

Betsy Kaplan
Oxnard, CA

Carrie Loewen
Pacific Palisades, CA

Edward Surger
Pacific Palisades, CA

Sepideh Vafi
Pacifica, CA

Gary Okamoto
Palm Desert, CA

Vernon Adams
Palo Alto, CA

Raymond Ramos
Petaluma, CA

Gary Sabbadini
Pinole, CA

Giancarlo Lauriente
Pismo Beach, CA

Irma Perez Martinez
Pismo Beach, CA

Mary Pham
Placentia, CA

Amybeth Harmon
Pleasant Hill, CA

Robert Harmon
Pleasant Hill, CA

Steven Nerad
Pleasanton, CA

Stephen Hirano
Porter Ranch, CA

Bruce Baker
Poway, CA

Jessica Alt
Providence, RI

Joseph Cheng
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Tina Azin
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Cameron Fuller
Redlands, CA

Rick Nichols
Redlands, CA

Mohamad Abul-Fielat
Riverside, CA

Jude Crutchfield
Rocklin, CA

Dennis Peterson
Rocklin, CA

Lora Foster Rode
Rocklin, CA

Jamie Sahouria
Rohnert Park, CA

Jonathan Lo
Rolling Hills Est., CA

Kathryn Ann Moore
Roseville, CA

Sydney Moore
Roseville, CA

Joelle Speed
Roseville, CA

Jeanne Nguyen

David Crippen
Sacramento, CA

Garrett Lee
Sacramento, CA

Jeffrey Saladin
Sacramento, CA

Peter Chiang
Salinas, CA

Matthew Hamilton
Salinas, CA

Jennifer Morris
Salinas, CA

Paul Morris
Salinas, CA

Urmi Amin
San Carlos, CA

Nasem Mojarrad
San Clemente, CA

Nhu Tran
San Clemente, CA

Eric Dixon
San Diego, CA

Howard Dixon
San Diego, CA

Stephanie Dixon
San Diego, CA

Stephen Finger
San Diego, CA

Lori Good
San Diego, CA

Tracy Hagan
San Diego, CA

Allen Job
San Diego, CA

Jenna Khoury
San Diego, CA

Mary O'Connor
San Diego, CA

Chieu (Chris) Pham
San Diego, CA

S. Roya Sadrian
San Diego, CA

Kimberly Sauer
San Diego, CA

Anthony Scoma
San Diego, CA

Jossein Shahangian
San Diego, CA

Paul Styrt
San Diego, CA

David Toppi
San Diego, CA

Jaye Venuti
San Diego, CA

Evelyne Vu-Tien
San Diego, CA

Shay Brannan
San Diego, CA

Parvathi Pokala
San Diego, CA

Justin Shuffer
San Dimas, CA

Ann Azama
San Francisco, CA

Amy Chen
San Francisco, CA

Jay Golinveaux
San Francisco, CA

Fred Haeberlein
San Francisco, CA

Nancy Kwon Hsieh
San Francisco, CA

Claudia Masouredis
San Francisco, CA

Dorothy Pang
San Francisco, CA

Melanie Perea-Corkish
San Francisco, CA

David Rothman
San Francisco, CA

Salma Salimi
San Francisco, CA

Emily Wang
San Francisco, CA

Dennis Wong
San Francisco, CA

Toni Chen
San Gabriel, CA

Albert Liu
San Gabriel, CA

Marilou Navarro
San Jose, CA

Suzanne Nguyen
San Jose, CA

Gregory Rabitz
San Jose, CA

Shawn Taheri
San Jose, CA

Greg Wolkstein
San Jose, CA

James Forester
San Luis Obispo, CA

Jac Pedersen II
San Luis Obispo, CA

Ali Asgari
San Marcos, CA

Laleh Vakili
San Mateo, CA

Diane Sizgorich
San Pedro, CA

Mahmoud Ashrafi
San Ramon, CA

Tamaki Fujino
San Ramon, CA

Christine Kobayashi
San Ramon, CA

Joanne Rahman
San Ramon, CA

Kent Do
Santa Ana, CA

Karilyn House
Santa Ana, CA

Yvonne Rochon
Santa Barbara, CA

Robert Ruby
Santa Barbara, CA

Amy Monti
Santa Clarita, CA

Bernard Gross
Santa Monica, CA

Noushin Morshed
Santa Monica, CA

Mary Shannon
Santa Monica, CA

Mary Anne Forni
Santa Rosa, CA

Hope Ann Nguyen
Santee, CA

Michelle Haghpanah
Saratoga, CA

Eun Hee (lily) Chung
Sherman Oaks, CA

Michelle To
Sherman Oaks, CA

Nina Mandelman
Simi Valley, CA

William Rawlings
Solana Beach, CA

Scott Jacks
South Gate, CA

Tony Hwang
South Pasadena, CA

Anne Lee
South San Francisco, CA

Kenneth Tse, Jr.
South San Francisco, CA

Mark Dal Porto
Sunnyvale, CA

H. Grace Lee
Sunnyvale, CA

Eddie Chang
Temecula, CA

Mike Lee
Temecula, CA

Nicholas Brajevich
Torrance, CA

Christos Thanos
Torrance, CA

Wayne Tofukuji
Torrance, CA

Matthew Gustafsson
Truckee, CA

Kathleen Lim
Tustin, CA

Shiva Roghani
Tustin, CA

Leland Grant
Union City, CA

Ninus Ebrahimi
Valencia, CA

Rose Kim
Valencia, CA

Kathleen Mulcahey
Valencia, CA

Kathleen Siu
Valencia, CA

Sunil Ilapogu
Ventura, CA

Daniel Nobel
Ventura, CA

Stanton Schuler
Visalia, CA

Frooz Fatoorachi
Vista, CA

Randall Chang
Walnut Creek, CA

Zahra Hosseini-Miyashiro
Walnut Creek, CA

Sahar Jaffrey
Walnut Creek, CA

Adam Shaffer
Walnut Creek, CA

Kanoknuch Shiflett
West Covina, CA

Shukan Kanuga
West Hills, CA

Robert Smith
West Hollywood, CA

Oariona Lowe
Whittier, CA

Joseph Sciarra
Woodland Hills, CA

Haleh Shaheedy
Woodland Hills, CA

Kimberly Thiel
Yuba City, CA

Teresa Jimenez
Yucipa, CA


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