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History of CSPD 1974-1979

Saturday, January 23, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Steven Niethamer
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CSPD HISTORY 1974-1979 By Weyland Lum The following is a timeline of the early days of CSPD (then called the California Academy of Pedodontics)… In 1974, a letter of inquiry regarding interest in the formation of the California Academy of Pedodontics was sent by Weyland Lum to those dentists who limited their practice to pedodontics. The issues of concern were an absence of a unified pedodontic organization to deal with 3rd party matters and that there was no specific pedodontic peer review group. Pedodontists interested in forming the California Academy of Pedodontics mentioned in the initial letter were Richard M. Adams, James E. Berger, Winston Edie, Walter B. Hunter, Edward S. Mack, John H. Osgood, Phil Soderstrom, William R. Snaer and Ronald J. Wong. A large number of positive replies prompted an organizational meeting which was held on December 14, 1974 at the San Francisco Airport Hilton. In attendance were Jack Bamrud, James E. Berger, Winston W. Edie, Merle J. Fisher, Rupert Fixott, Melvin Freeman, David Good, John N. Groper, Edward J. Hoffman, James McInaney, James J. Leib, Weyland Lum, Edward Mack, John G. Murphy, Charles A. Soderstrom, Charles M. Spitz, Eva Sulon and Robert W. Weis. Weyland Lum served as the Interim President and John Groper served as the Recording Secretary. Members of the Organizing Committee were James E. Berger, Rupert Fixott, Melvin Freeman, David Good, John Groper, Edward Hoffman, Hugh Kopel, Weyland Lum, Edward Mack, James McInaney, David Rotner, Charles Spitz, Eva Sulon, and Robert Weis. The minutes of the organizational meeting showed that the six purposes of the newly created California Society of Pedodontists were: 1) Create a Peer Review body governed by pedodontic specialists 2) Resolve issues with the California Dental Service 3) Develop continuing education programs 4) Provide input to third party carriers 5) Form liaisons with other groups 6) Organize quality and utilization control David Good and James McInaney were appointed to draw up the Constitution and Bylaws. David Good was also appointed Interim Treasurer. The second organizational meeting was held in Los Angeles at the International Hotel on March 15, 1975 where the following officers and directors were elected: President Weyland Lum, President Elect David Good, Secretary Robert Weis, Treasurer Charles Spitz, Editor Hugh Kopel, North Directors Eva Sulon and Edward Mack, and South Directors Ernest Horany and Thomas Barber. Dr. Sid Francis was invited to speak at the meeting. The first formal Board meeting was held on April 5, 1975. The following items were discussed: there was a recommendation to the CDA that the term “Pediatric Dentist” be considered ethical and synonymous with “Pedodontist,” a Hugh Kopel proposed initiating a newsletter, Charter Membership deadlines were set, membership categories were discussed and Tom Barber was tasked with creating a logo. The following appointments were made: Liaison Committee: William Snaer (Chair), Larry Luke, Charles Bona Constitution & Bylaws: John Groper (Chair) Dental Care: Ed Hoffman, Roy Nakai, Roland Hansen Peer Review: Winston Edie, Elverne Tonn, James Stenger, Jack Bamrud, Kent Payne, Melvin Rowan Special Committee: Graphic Art Design – Tom Barber The second board meeting was held on June 21, 1975 at the home of David Good and the minutes reflected that Charles Spitz and Charles Bona provided input at the Board of Dental Examiner’s meeting regarding issues on Dental Auxiliaries. Dave Good filed Articles of Incorporation with the State and finalized the Constitution. It was reported by Secretary Robert Weis that there were 180 members and a membership drive would be initiated. The deadline for Charter Membership was set for December 31, 1975. The Editor, Hugh Kopel, reported that a Newsletter will be inaugurated for the balance of 1975, published in January, May and September in 1976, and will be sent to other state pedodontic societies to keep them informed of CSPD activities. The term “pediatric dentistry” was endorsed by ASDC and accepted by CDA and was considered by AAP to be synonymous with “pedodontics.” Letters were sent to the ADA to request formal recognition of the term. Peer Review committee chairman, Winston Edie, requested that CSDC and SCDSC relinquish peer review authority to CSPD. President Elect Good reported that the first general meeting will precede the CDA meeting in San Francisco on September 27th with Dr. Robert Moyers as the speaker. The second general meeting was scheduled for April 24, 1976. The third Board meeting was held at the Hyatt Regency hotel in San Francisco on September 27, 1975.Board member Tom Barber recommended that topics for the general meetings should reflect the goals of CSPD. President Elect David Good has begun plans for the next general meeting in Palm Springs on March 6, 1976. Chair of the Liaison Committee William Snaer, reported on the situation of pending Registered Dental Assistants legislation. Chair of the Dental Care Committee, Roland Hansen, will send out a questionnaire requesting membership input as to the direction the committee should take. The Constitution and Bylaws were unanimously accepted and copies will be sent to the membership. Winston Edie, Chair of the Peer Review committee, reported that SCDSC and CSDC have agreed to relinquish their peer review authority to CSPD. The ADA Board of Trustees recommended indefinitely postponement of the CDA resolution concerning the synonymous use of the terms “pediatric dentist” and “Pedodontist.”

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