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President's Message - Summer 2016

Thursday, September 1, 2016  
Posted by: CSPD
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Summer! Yes, the busy time of year in our practices. If you are like me, you are working hard seeing a full schedule of patients and wondering why things can’t be like this all year round. When school starts and I have some down time, it’s back to sitting at my desk working on strategies to attract new patients and keep the great patients I already have. But it’s summertime and the busyness problem is a thing of the past (for now). When we get busy it is easy to let some things fall through the cracks. This is when we really need to concentrate. What have I learned in the past 30+ years of private practice? I do my best to treat my patients and their parents in the manner and with the respect I or my own children would expect to be treated. During those busy days, some things I try not to lose sight of are:

  • Spending quality time with that family at their toddler’s very first visit. If it’s a first time parent bringing their 12-16 month old in for their first visit, I explain the importance of a healthy oral environment. I discuss teething, oral hygiene, early childhood caries prevention, oral habits, diet and fluoride recommendations. I perform a Caries Risk Assessment and provide the family as well as their pediatrician a copy. I show them I care.
  • Spending quality time with that family at their initial visit. If it’s a referral from a relative, friend, pediatrician, general dentist or another pediatric dentist, I review the medical history and dental history and find out their chief complaint. I always inform before I perform. I explain the need for radiographs if it is indicated for the child and explain what information the films will provide. I discuss and answer their questions regarding their chief complaint. I review oral hygiene, diet and fluoride recommendations. I show them I care.
  • Spending quality time with that family at the consultation visit. If I diagnose decay, I inform the family of my recommendations and benefits of treatment. I discuss some treatment alternatives and discuss the risks of treatment and risks of opting for no treatment at all. We may all be very adept at diagnosing decay, but presenting viable treatment modality options is an acquired art. I try to give the parents some options. I try not to have parents leave my consultation thinking there is only one way to treat their child. Even getting another opinion from a qualified pediatric dentist is an option. I would rather have that family happy in one of my colleague’s offices, than unhappy in my office. I show them I care.
  • Spending quality time with the patient and parent at their recall examination visit. I make it a point to explain to each parent what care we provided their child and my resultant findings. If there is decay present I explain the location, the possible cause or reason for the decay, how I would restore it and the urgency if any. That family is paying for my care and time and they deserve it. I show them I care.

A brief note on what your CSPD Board of Directors has been doing since our last Bulletin: 

  • We have been working hard to plan our 2017 Annual Session at the Green Valley Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mark your calendars for a meeting you won’t want to miss. Ora Lowe, our Annual Meeting chairperson and Jonathon Lee, our Annual Meeting event coordinator are busily working hard to organize one of the finest CSPD/WSPD meetings in recent history. Plan for some new innovations because, “Hey, it’s Las Vegas!” We’re planning a new format for our “Welcome Reception,” “Installation luncheon” and “Gala.” A tremendous speaker line up rounds out another well planned Annual Meeting. Even though it’s “Vegas,” you’re not gambling on whether it’s going to be a great meeting. This is a definite “Win,” and a big reason to be a member of CSPD.
  • We’ve begun plans for our Autumn 2018 meeting. We will begin negotiations with the Hilton at Torrey Pines in La Jolla for this “First time Autumn Annual Session.” Well over a year ago, your CSPD Board of Directors spent a tremendous amount of time broaching the idea of meeting at a different time of year other than the Spring. With the move of our CSPD/WSPD Annual Meeting later in the year, we will hold our meeting at a time a little further away from our AAPD Annual Meeting, traditionally held in late May. Your board also felt the Fall was a time of year our practices are a little quieter. And what better way to spend quiet time, than away from our offices at another great CSPD/WSPD Annual Meeting. Now we will be able to attend two spectacular pediatric dental meetings approximately six months apart. Another great reason to belong to CSPD.
  • With the help of Paul Reggiardo, our Public Policy Advocate, your CSPD Executive Committee and Board of Directors have been keeping ourselves aware of different Assembly and Senate bills being introduced in Congress that have impact on the manner in which we practice dentistry and the children we treat. One bill in particular, AB 2235 otherwise known as “Caleb’s law” should be of special interest to us all. At this time, the bill asks for a review to be conducted by the California dental board on whether or not the present accepted guidelines for treating minor patients under a general anesthetic or deep sedation in a dental office adequately protects that child. Please refer to Dr. Reggiardo’s Public Policy Advocate report elsewhere in this Bulletin for more information. An important reason to be a member of CSPD.

In closing, I wish you all a wonderful summer. It is not only a busy time in our practices, it’s an important time to spend with our own families. My experience has been, when I go on vacation, I’m busier before I go and busier when I return and it all makes up for itself. We need to spend that quality time not only in our practices, but also with our own families. Show them you care!

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